Slot machine test: Atlantis

This name alone is already a legend, and the underlying story. There is talk of "Atlantis", the sunken continent from the past. The 3D-Slot of "Atlantis" is in great adventure, to make the mystical legend to the bottom. While you're taking the great researcher Pierre Le Mer, who has a nose for such things and takes you to the bottom of the ocean. Numerous underwater icons are embedded in a holistic design, so that almost to a swimwear is recommended to play. Graphically is Sheriff gaming beyond any doubt the work of the House of sublime and shows how a modern slot machine has to look. But look and sound are not everything and at the profit opportunities, "Atlantis" is as well a good figure. If you want a watery adventure with treasure hunt, this slot for you could be.

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Atlantis online game

As it is to the legend of Atlantis, should not be missing a little Greek flair in design, for example, in the writings. The ship with the Pierre Le Mer made up, called Odysseus, by the way, and also plays an important role in this 3D-Videoslot. Anyway, there are some symbols that reveal good ways to win, if you can distribute it on the payline. According to the manufacturer, there is a theoretical payout percentage of 94,67%, which is certainly better, but with the chance it stays the same, so there is never a guarantee.

Though "Atlantis" has plenty of bonus features and symbols, is actually quite easy to play it as winnings are automatically credited. Your objective is to fill the lines with the same symbols. In total there are twenty of these winning lines, beginning on the left side and drag across to the right. Only three of them go horizontally, the others make diagonal Schlenker. A winning series consists of at least three of the same symbols which must begin on the left reel and must not be interrupted by other motives.

The different symbols in the slot machines Atlantis

There are many different icons that can be initially perhaps somewhat cluttered. Always Pierre Le Mer itself is good in any case, because this brings the most profit in series. However, the ship, the divers, the fish or the anchor are barely passable, where of course they can bring profits. The shark in "Atlantis" is your friend, because it serves as a wild symbol and acquires the Joker role. The shark in the Middle reel, appears be all fields of this roller to the shark, which greatly increases the chances of success of other lines. The joker is available only on the third role.

Slot machines instructions of Atlantis

Before it really comes into play, you can enjoy once the beautiful intro. So again, you will find successful animations in the slot. Basically, whenever you did win. If you want to play not just for fun, you have to sign into the online casino and charge also real money. You can then start your game in 'Atlantis'.

Before each turn you have the ability to customize the usage. The one you choose the bet per line, but you can change the total again this by reduce the lines or just again increase. At the same time you change hence your risk and your opportunities and the loss if you should spin any profit.

Feature the auto spin the reels spinning each round is automatically preset used.

You win if you can repeatedly collect a symbol on a payline. This number must begin on the left reel and can be supplemented with the Joker on the third reel. It takes at least three of the same symbols for a profit. The highest value was Pierre Le Mer with five symbols on a payline.

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